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Roseanne Cash

 Roseanne Cash has her father's jaw.  And her father's conviction.  She is a living national treasure.  This week at SF Jazz she is performing her newest recording, The River and The Thread, in it's entirety, in sequence.  Revisiting the birthplace and subsequent roamings of her father, the album is a deep meditative concept album that conjures up William Faulkner, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Stephen Foster, and of course, Johnny Cash.  Her husband and songwriting partner, the superb guitarist John Leventhall, leads a crack band: Kevin Barry on guitar and lap steel, Glenn Patcha on keys, Zev Katz on bass, and the very creative Dan Rieser on drums.

Every note is perfect.  These are veteran country musicians of the highest caliber, who don't hit a superfluous note.

Amazingly, after a full hour of The River and The Thread, she returned for a full second set of earlier material.  Two and a half hours of beauty, and sorrow, and joy, and perfection.  Brava!


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