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Dave Holland and Prism back at SF Jazz

Last night the great Dave Holland and Prism returned to SF Jazz.  Holland had a residency there in February, and Prism played on one of the nights.  It was a treat to see them again after only a few months.  They were both looser and tighter as a band, which is to be expected.  Holland and Eric Harland may be the best rythym section in improvised music right now (along with my own dear Kai Eckhardt and Deszon Claiborne!) and achieve a mind-blowing telepathy.  Harland can switch from straight ahaead to funk to latin to bossa in as many bars, and unlike most drummers who try this, a driving groove is always there.  Craig Taborn is sensitive and inventive, and reminds one of Chick Corea in Mile's band.  Kevin Eubanks is a little formulaic for my tastes, and sounded better in February using a Boogie Lone Star amp.  Last night it looked like a Galien Kruger with cheap pedals.  But he has a long history with Holland, and Dave is obviously fond of him.  It could be that Holland finds his icey, vaguely angry playing to be a contrast to his warm tone.  And Holland has one of the best senses of rythym is the world.  Think of the bass line in "It's About That Time" that segues from "Silent Way".  A living master, and treasure.

I could see him every night.