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Marcus Miller at SF Jazz

I've been very busy lately, and haven't been posting about a lot of great music.  In mid October the great Marcus Miller played SF Jazz at Herbst Theater.  Playing songs from his latest recording, Renaissance, with the same band members: Alex Han on sax, Lee Hogan on trumpet, Adam Agati on guitar, Kris Bowers on keys, and Louis Kato on drums.  Marcus will always, and rightly, be best known for his work with Miles: Tutu, Amandla, and Siesta.  Probably the most recorded bass player of his generation, ala Ron Carter, another Miles alum, Marcus has also put out 16 recordings as a leader.  Milliseconds define a great bass player, and Marcus is amazing.  Han and Hogan, while young men, know the whole history of the music, and can slide from funk to bebop in a heartbeat.Only Marcus can transition from the lovely ballad  "S'Wonderful" on bass clarinet to straight ahead, to slamming funk, in one seamless meditation on Afro American music.  (As Christian Scott says, "You can describe me as jazz, just don't define me."  More on that important point, next time.