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Ravi Coltrane & The Void at SF Jazz

Sunday June 12 was such a sad and tragic day. I am always truck by the irony that we live in a world full of hate and suffering, and love and beauty. And so I went to see Ravi Coltrane and his new sextette The Void at SF Jazz Sunday night, knowing that I would be uplifted and inspired. With Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Robin Eubanks on trombone, Glenn Zalesky on piano, Dezron Douglas on bass, and Kush Abadey on drums, the sextette was fresh and new, but also firmly rooted in the tradition. Ravi seems to have relaxed over the years, matured as a soloist, and accepted his rightful place in one of the most celebrated families in music. Eubanks is a marvelous soloist, and the compositions took full advantage of all the timbers and textures the instruments allowed. Abadey's drumming was abstract and funky and groovy all at the same time; a young Jack DeJohnette. Zalensky had marvelous touch, and conjured Herbie and Bill Evans with his command of space. Six musicians, white and black, together listening to each other at the highest level of musical expression. What a fitting antidote to hatred. Later, at the Zuni Cafe, I saw the LGTBQ Rainbow Community marching down Market Street, peacefully holding candles. Love will always conquer hate.