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Jazz Review

Come To Me Review :: August 2005
"Bring back Elvis! This funky new CD...isn't all together straight jazz and not yet all together world music. The Gregory James Band incorporates Brazil, Afro-Cuban, Gypsy Flamenco and The UK (especially the Liverpool scene) into Come To Me. It could be the album of the year in many circles.

Musicians on this album (there are 29) have all fine-tuned their craft in their individual field, whether it be the DJ Fly and his vinyl to Baron Shul with his baritone and tenor sax scattered all throughout...

'Let's get Elvis before he represents Dial Soap!' is a message in Jewel Silver (Bring Back Elvis). Beat poet Craig Easley reads/ works extermely well. Excellent subtle tabla work by Jason Lewis here. Another song, Chant Odun, which Gregory James plays some great Brazillian style runs with Benny Rietveld provides us with programming extraordinaire. This album can sit really in any music store category whether it is Jazz, World, Brazillian or Flamenco. Gregory James and his all-star cast have put together an excellent album. There is something on here for everyone whether it is the smooth sax of Rita Thies on Intermezzo or the beat poetry of Craig Easley and Catie Murphy. In the liner notes Gregory James proclaims that 'Love Is All'. All I have is love for this album. This is a 2004/2005 must have. "