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Sea of Tranquility

Come To Me Review :: May 2006
"West coast guitarist Gregory James has been seeking out and exploring new musical territory for more than twenty years and the latest release...Come To Me certainly proves to be no exception. The music could be considered contemporary jazz but he successfully blends jazz roots with a veritable melange of r&b, Afro-Cuban, flamenco and Eastern influences to create a sound that is fresh, new and generally difficult to categorize.

'...The real strength of this CD is the sheer size of their sonic landscapes. Many of the songs are layered and filled out with cellos, violins, flutes and even turntables to create just the right texture and mood....The track Alphabet Town is a standout at almost 7 minutes, featuring a funky backbeat complete with turntables, violin, tablas and sax while Catie Murphy reads from poet T.S. Eliot's Rhapsody on a Windy Night. There are quite a few numbers which highlight James' technical prowesson on the acoustic guitar and songs like St. Alison and the brilliant ensemble work in the John Coltrane-ish vibe of Chant Odun give the listener a great taste of his playing abilities. The funny thing with this disc is, although it's James' name on the marquee you never get the feeling that this is anything less than a true band effort. It's not about his own solos, and he's got the chops to burn, as much as it is about placing the emphasis on his steller support cast and the songs themselves. Listen to Come To Me and marvel in music that celebrates cultural diversity, crosses borders and highlights top notch musicianship."