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Cancion Andaluza

As with the passing of Miles Davis, I find it very hard to believe Paco has left us.  But he has left us with a brilliant recording, Cancion Andaluza, worthy of the finest guitarist who ever lived.  Cancion are essentially pop songs, dating back to ancient Andaluza, and achieving their greatest popularity in the 1940s.  So it is the Great Adalusian Song Book, if you will.  Paco adds mandolo, guitaro, and oud to the sound, evoking ancient and modern textures.  He recorded coplas on his very first recording "12 exitos para dos guitarras flamencas", and often spoke of the influence of the cancion singer, Marife de Triana.  Maria de la O, Ojos Verdes, Romance de Valentia, Te je de querer mientras viva, with Estrella Morente, La chiquita piconera, Zambra Gitana, with Parrita, Quiroga por bulerias, and Seniorita, a salsa arrangement with the Cuban singer Oscar de Leon, comprise the recording. If you love music, buy this recording.  If you are a musician, buy all his recordings. 

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