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Sonny Rollins

I've been hearing so much fabulous music this last week that I haven't had time to write about it. Last week the Joshua Redman Trio played SF Jazz. Over the last few years Joshua has grown into the leading tenor of his generation. The son of the late great Dewey Redman, Joshua was originally ambivalent (as was understandably Ravi Coltrane) about pursuing a career in music. A late bloomer, he has more than made up for lost time. Now that I think about it, he made a great leap forward when his first child was born. With Reuben Rogers on bass, and Gregory Hutchinson on drums, the trio format allows for maximum freedom, but also perhaps maximum challenges. Opening with Surrey With The Fringe On Top, from Oklahoma! a tune first covered in the jazz world by Miles Davis, and later Sonny Rollins, they made the old and familiar new. Ending the tune with a long funk vamp that only someone of his generation or younger would think of, Joshua succeeds in being both accessible, and modern. Alternating between angular originals, and standards like Never Let Me Go, and Mack the Knife, the Trio explores all ranges and dynamics of the music. Check out their new live recording - they are riveting. A lover of all kinds of music, he was sitting next to me last year at a Takacs Quartet recital of Bartok. More on Takacs later!
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