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The Nite Trippers

Last Friday Dr. John and the Nite Trippers played SF Jazz to a sold out audience. Along with Allen Toussaint, Dr. John is the personification of New Orleans music and culture. The history of the music, and The City, breathes through him. I am blessed to have grown up in a time when his music was on the AM radio when I was a child. Like many geniuses, he would probably be more obscure had he been born at a later time. (I doubt Hendrix or the Cream would get much airplay were they starting out today). I've seen him many times, and even though getting on in years, this was one of his very best shows. Earthy, funky, dark, and uplifting, all at the same time. The band was a revelation: Sarah Morrow on vocals and trombone was a perfect foil and mc; her trombone playing every bit as authoritative as Trombone Shorty. In mini dress and thigh high go go boots, no less. David Yoke on guitar and Bobby Floyd on B3 were soulful and funky, Dwight Bailey on bass was solid and authentic. But Reggie Jackson on drums was the true revelation. Also getting on in years, and from Treme` - not just New Orleans, but Treme`, his incredible syncopation and feel could only come from someone born in that district. Amazing!
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